Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sounds like fun

The problem with you is that you are not me
A minor problem to be corrected immediately
You can still be salvaged in my expert view
I will just have to wring the life out of you

Your dressing sense (or lack of it) makes me shudder, as does your style
But I think with patience you can be moulded into something worthwhile
Those glasses will have to go, as will the soup strainer and the beard
And the way you mispronounce while speaking is nothing short of weird

But let us first start with developing  your mind
Your dense nature is a threat for mankind
Now just wipe that silly demented look off your face
A quest for intellect you must now undertake
I've decided my dear you shall love Schopenhauer
Be best friends with Nietzche, Spinoza and Schrodinger
You will wake up Jung and then  move on to Freud,
While I go about mending you with great sang froid.

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