Saturday, June 02, 2012

Tool Time...

The pain of the entire process of shifting behind us,we finally get down to settling down in the new place.

Come to think about it, the mystery of the missing TV remote control coupled with the elopement of the comb with the nail-cutter has brought some excitement to our otherwise boring lives!

The painter did a shoddy job on the wall of the guest bed room ? Worry not. Inspired by television ads and movies, you decide to try your hand at it.  You pick up a brush, dip it in paint and splash it at the wall with reckless abandon, just the way you saw it on screen.

Just as you start thinking this is how Michelangelo might have felt as he started on the Sistine Chapel, you get rudely interrupted by hyperactive screams emanating from the wife. There seems to be some problem with the paint. Instead of the wall, it seems to have preferred sticking to the floor, the table fan, the cupboard, even the laughing buddha kept on the other end of the room. Bloody strange you think. This is certainly not how it is supposed to be. Dark forces at work to prevent the young genius from creating his masterpiece it seems.Several trials and errors later, the wall looks normal, your clothes do not, and the background music seems to have put a banshee to shame by its sheer intensity!

You try your hand at fixing the taps next. Have to make use of the newly bought wrench you think. A couple of turns here, a couple of turns there, a few solid taps and lo and behold....nothing happens! A drop of water sneaks out with a sarcastic grin and disappears in the basin. You decide that you will stick to Plum and leave the bing for lesser mortals.

I would have written more, but dictating a web log is not as much fun as typing it. Will someone please untie me if I promise not to try repairing the ceiling fan again?

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Zahra said...

Interesting... :)

Hope the worst of shifting's behind you! Good to see you back in action!