Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Name-shake..

These are the times of miracle and wonder. A political activist with no apparent agenda other than bringing down the rule of an inefficient arrogant out-dated party manages to do just that,voted to power on the tide of frustration and resentment of a people who have been oppressed for so long that they were desperate for a change.any change. And what better change can you expect than renaming the state to Paschim Banga? Just imagine the "administrative advantages" one would derive out of this. I can't foresee any with my limited mental faculties, hence I use the word imagine.

Most of us still say 'Calcutta' while speaking in English and we always say 'Kolkata' while speaking in Bengali.Similarly it has always been 'West Bengal' in English and 'Paschim Banga' in Bengali. What will certainly be pissing off is hearing non Bengalis (who can't speak Bangla) trying to twist their tongues and faces in coming up with multiple bastardized versions of the name. A common error most non Calcuttans make is that they think by trying to roll their tongues and turning all alphabets into a O sound, they can speak Bengali. So you get to hear ' are from 'Kolkota/Kolkotta/Kalkotta..invariably followed by 'Aami Bongoli...Maach Khaabo?' ....or some crap like that. And all you can do is smile back in your best Dalai Lama smile while actually thinking 'Why don't you go and copulate with a rabid dog you fucking moron?'

Is the name change of the state a precursor of the greater things ahead in the days to come ? Like Calcutta being transformed into London, the Hooghly turning into the Thames..and perhaps if I may be allowed my share of contribution to the pipe dream- Howrah becoming Paris?

We have become cynics,all of us. No one really believes things will improve drastically.. No one has an idea of to what extent the core has rotted,no one really knows how retrograde the evolution has been. no one is willing to bet that he/she can return from exile as a result of a turnaround of the state, with ample opportunities for a livelihood.Having lived outside my home state for more than a decade now,its hard not to wish that I had the same opportunities back home as I do in this alien land living an alien life. But I guess till such time that I do get to go back, it will be just you,me and a wave of nostalgia from time to time in the sea of whining.