Sunday, June 27, 2010

Keeping in touch,,,

The get together was a great success in my opinion. Old friends, plenty of liquor, a good sprinkling of nostalgia..what else did you need? We were meeting after a long time, a couple of years at the least. We had a vague knowledge what was going on in each other's lives thanks to the menace of the social networking sites but none of us were really in touch with each other.Let me rephrase that...none of us were in touch with each other. We had no idea what was going on in each others lives except for the fact that X was married to a girl who looked like the offspring of Red Riding Hood's grand mom and the wolf(serves the uptight bastard right... I still remember flunking Class XI maths first term because the bugger wouldn't let me cheat from him!) , Y was the proud father of a gargoyle who (going by first impressions) definitely would grow up to become a pimp, Z had had his second divorce and was heartbroken (and by the time this post goes live would have told us for the one thousand three hundred and fifth time how much he missed his woobly poobly poo..or whatever he called his ex wife). As the party came to an end, and we got about trying to figure out which shoe went in which foot, someone remarked "Keep in touch... scrap at times!"

This is what "Keeping in touch" has become off late. A customary "scrap" once or twice a year,more likely or not on someone's birthday. A desperate attempt to hold on to a feeling you knew once could be described as friendship. Maybe in remembrance of a time both of you sat on a hillock watching the old couples do the the rounds of an evening walk while you hummed "Bookends" and your best pal told you that he was seriously considering investing in Bees for a lifetime. The sudden recollection of a fight you had with the kid who sat next to you in class II about something you just can't remember now. The thought of the dreamer in college who famously lead a bunk classes movement to protest against capitalism and later went on to become a hot shot investment banker. Hazy images from the past goading us to try and preserve the memories locked up in random cabinets of the mind.

Do you remember the last time you wrote a proper mail to a friend instead of clinically forwarding job leads and chain mails ? Does it even register in your mind that the more technologically advanced we get, the further we are drifting away from each other ? For all the Orkuts and Facebooks and Twitters of the world, nothing can replace the worth of a letter discovered between the folds of old sweaters smelling of moth balls, written a decade ago by a friend,with whom you used to share everything with at one point of time, now since relegated to the customary scrap on his birthday.

Times change. People change. The excuses for not keeping in touch get better and better with each day till a time comes when we just don't care any more. Don't let that time come. Get in touch... NOW !!