Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wowbagger speak...

Now this is something Calvin would love to know.They say that chickens came from dinosaurs.So what you get on your plate roasted to perfection from the grill could have eaten you millions of years ago,had you been alive.No cause for worry..In all probability you were just an insignificant speck of an amoeba then.Not that you are too significant even now,but thats besides the point.If you want to feel happy about yourself thinking you are the coolest of all beings,think again.Of all the species on this planet,we are perhaps the most vulnerable to elimination.That cockroach you killed yesterday has been there since the time of dinosaurs,and will be there long after a nuclear explosion wipes us all out.Most probably in a trillion years evolution would have played the same trick it did on the dinos,and we would we the size of chickens scurrying to save our lives from giant cockroaches.Or worse giant chickens!Maybe this is already happening in some planet in some universe.I certainly don't buy the story that earth is the only life supporting planet in the universe.Our technology and intelligence is just too primitive at this moment to find out or detect other life forms elsewhere. I don't know if the U.F.O sightings that have been reported are true or not.I myself saw a lion's face emerge from a nescafe cup once.O.K...It happened under the influence of some excellent herbs from manali...But it did happen.Or did it?As primitively developed as our brain is,it can play awesome tricks on you causing all sorts of hallucinations...Auditory and visual.What if someone told you that your entire life is a figment of your imagination? Yes,i do sympathise with you that your imagination is pretty fucked up if your life still sucks so much,but still..What do you? How do you know whats real and what's not? That cute girl next door who finally agreed to go out on a date with you just doesnt exist my friend.Neither does your ex girlfriend,your best buddy,your dog,the school teacher you had a big,big crush on. I am not saying you are the only one who is imagining things.I am not talking about schizophrenia out here.It's not so simple for that to set in,plus your knowledge of the subject would be from seeing a couple of badly researched films,so basically you understand crap about the subject!What i am saying is that not only you,but everyone around you see what you see,hear what you hear. With due apologies to Mr.Dawkins,lets call it the god delusion. Think abt it...Millions of ppl thnkng wht u thnk,feeling wht u feel.Just tht it doesnt exist. I'm sorry my friend..You've just been had. Or have been for the last whatever miserable years of your existance! Now if you had some sense you would be feeling more like a loser than usual,but that's your problem.  You know what Arthur..You're a jerk,a complete asshole.  

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