Saturday, June 14, 2008




As I want to join your illustrious company,
I’ll state down my plusses in a short symphony,

I’m creative, as you can probably make out,
I’m adaptable (you will never see me pout)
Working in teams comes easily to me,
I have a track record of leadership ability
I maintain my calm even when things go barmy
Discipline is something I learnt during my stint in the Army

Taking initiative is something I do,
Result orientation is a topic never taboo,
An excellent communicator, I also listen when people talk,
As a result of this I build client relationships round the clock


About my achievements, I shall now speak,
Before you think that in the workplace I am weak,
I won this contest at work , I was first amongst my peers,
Over achieved targets that led to celebrations and cheers,
My branch improved it’s rankings pan India from double to single digits
I’ve single handedly organised events for dignitary visits,
Successful at cross selling products that were not in my domain,
I’ve managed to pin point areas that were causing the company pain,
My recommendations have been followed with the results now coming in,
Cost cutting measures I suggested have been keeping the bills thin.


Positions Held:

As the Cultural Secretary of the student’s body of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade,
I was responsible for taking it’s inter B School fest – Quo Vadis to international grade,
As the Treasurer, I also maintained all Accounts
And organised National Level Symposiums on two counts

As the 1st year coordinator of IIFT’s marketing club Brandwagon,
I helped my fellow students understand Kotler’s marketing jargon,
In my stint as a member of Fergusson’s Cultural Committee,
Amongst diverse cultural groups I helped spread amity

In school I was the head honcho, known as the Prefect,
I supervised all student activities and organised events perfect

Extracurricular Activities/Awards Won:


Performances at National Level I’ve delivered on stage ,
Winning many prizes right from school to college


Being aware about the world at large is of interest to me,
At both city and at national level competitions, I’ve been on a winning spree


I love writing stories, and poems are my forte,
In movies and music, I have a taste assorted
Dramatics has always been close to my heart,
I blog regularly and take an interest in Art

In English, Bengali and Hindi, I am extremely proficient ,
Have a knowledge of Marathi and French, for working just sufficient.

P:S I am actually going to send this Resume to a few recruiters and try my luck!

Is there a dream job where I can sit and write nonsense verse whole day and get paid for it ?? Please get in touch if you do know of something like this. You will go straight to heaven for helping a poor soul out ! :D

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Song for the asking...

As I was growing up, most (if not all) the music I listened to was thanks to the influence of my brother. He was(and still is) a Beatles fanatic. I once chanced upon him listening to Lennon and muttering'that bastard..that bastard' with moist eyes. When you are in Class 4 and you hear your elder brother uttering the B word,you are more than delighted! You ask him innocently whom he is abusing, so that the next moment you can go and snitch to your mom that Dada used the forbidden B word to describe so and so. My brother replies "Mark David Chapman" and goes on casting doubts about the legitimacy of the Chapman family tree. Err..who ? I had learnt about both Mark and David during Bible History lessons at school, but who was this Chapman dude and why was my usually docile brother abusing them with such hatred ? I get the answer after my brother is satisfied that his Lachrymal glands are functioning as effeciently as ever ,and also learn that it was Lennon's death anniversary. I learnt another important lesson that day.If you have doubts about elder brother's sanity, do not voice them out aloud (especially when you are within striking distance! )

Years and years later(I was just about to join college) , I was spending a lonely afternoon in Pune rummaging through my brother's cassettes without fear of being reprimanded... he was safely away in MICA,so there was no way he could see what I was upto and enact Vesuvius erupting in front of me again(I mean ...C'mon..just because I recorded my voice over one his his rare bootlegs does'nt mean that I would try it every time!)

Anyways... I pulled out this cassette at random and started listening to it. I don't know if you have ever heard the voice of God. I mean I haven't either,but you get the general feeling as to how much I was moved. I heard the cassette over and over again. Their lyrics were sheer poetry...the music absolutely divine ! I could totally relate to the songs.It almost seemed as if someone had got into my head and had taken frantic notes as to what emotions I was feeling. I used to sit in class and scribble down the lyrics of the songs non stop. I was obsessed with the duo. I read all about them and bought whatever cassetes were available in the market. I had finally found my Gods. I had discovered Simon & Garfunkel

(to be continued...)