Friday, May 30, 2008

Nightmare comes true :(

Dear All,
We have observed users uploading huge files to web based email sites. (Gmail, Yahoo etc.) This not only consumes Internet bandwidth but is also a source of information leakage. The attachments coming from such mails are also a potential source of malware intrusion into our network.

In view of the above the Information Security Committee of the company has taken a decision to completely block access to all Internet based email sites. (Pls. note you will continue to receive & send mails to yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc. from your official email id)

Access to all Internet based email sites will be blocked on 5th June 2008.

Thanks & Regards
IT Services

Boohooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :((
How will I entertain myself in office from now on ?? ....methinks I need to move on to a new job soon in protest !!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Smells Like Teen Patti

Seedy bar mein teen patti
Bujh gaya dimag ki batti
Jab se mili hain usko aapni 'Wish'
Aadmi ban gaya yeh spineless fish

Innara ... aai aai o ....Innara
Innara ... aai aai o ....Innara

No more hiding during auto fights
No more prancing around in tights
Zindagi ban gaya hain disco
Hindi gaana aab pasand hain isko

Innara ... aai aai o ....Innara
Innara ... aai aai o ....Innara

Monday, May 19, 2008

For the benefit of a select few who know what this is about !

In all matters legal she was the queen, be careful or she would sue
Enamored by her talents(in and out of office), our hero decided to woo
You are the idli, I am the dosa, our love a tangy sambaar
Oh my Mallu, let me be your pallu, shuru kartein hain aapna sansaar

In our courtship you can call me your lordship, yes you certainly can
I feel so regal, when you speak legal, I am your kinky Tam Bram
For you I'll listen to Hip Hop, I'll even sing songs in Hindi
I am ready to go dancing all night, oh my sweet bhindi

Do you see what I see.. I see eye see eye
Naino se naina mil gaya jab, why you feeling shy?
Come my baby lets play flash, we'll together swindle in glee
I am so glad from You and I, ban gaye hum log We

She now calls him honey, she calls him darling , she can't get him out of her head
He likes the attention he is getting but just goes on wishing for a sturdier bed,
She was like a cool breeze in summer,with her around you didnt need a fan
He was the crafty devil himself, wanted her to click pics of him in his Jockey Pocoman