Sunday, July 13, 2008

The neem poem

Salim bola oh my love, have i done any sin ?
tell me how ur heart i can forever win
Anarkali ne salim ko bola "arre sun zalim!'
mere liye leke aa tu bahut saara neem

bangalore mein baithi hain chosnee neem wali
address hain bhootni villa, neemwaali ki gali
this neem will make me ekdum beauty queen
in this way my idiot prince my heart u can win

Salim went to Bengaluru heart very very happy
but after meeting chosnee he wanted to wear a nappy
for dear miss ratterjee was in a mood very crappy
she told salim to get out in a tone very very snappy

i am stuck in a land so strange where i only get rasam
and you dare come to me because of ur stupid kasam ?
i dont care if anarkali turns into terrible maa kaali
i'm not giving my precious neem for ur gharwaali

salim pleaded and salim cried but chosnee remained mean
didnt salim know that rosh just loooves her neem ?
so give up hope for your stupid aspiring beauty queen
chosnee will leave the Himalayas but she will never leave her neem


Deepa said...

Good one!!! ha ha ha! did u use neem toothpaste or something? why this fixation with neem?

Sritanu said...

@deepa - For the answer to this u have to ask Chosnee.... :)