Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Luvly poem

Now that you have become my bride,
Let me go on a mush overdrive,
Tu begum mein tera jahapana,
Only for you is my gaana :-

Jab bhi mein jaata hoon gym,
Sochta hoon only about Luvlean,
75 laps on the tread mill ,
Thinking abt Luvs who stole my dil,

Koi aur usko dekhey to bana jealousy mein green,
Oh I love you my Luvlean ,
Please don't ever lose your sheen,
My luvly lady of my dreams,

Sun re my Lovely Luvly,
I'm your darling hubby,
You are so very lubly,
I don't need to drink any bubbly,

Just thinking of you gives me a high,
Luvs hain to whiskey kyun piyoon mein bhai ??

Now that you have become my groom,
Thinking of you my dil goes Vrrooom ,
My man Lovaboy so fit and strong,
Just like Tarzan wearing a thong,
Pesh karti hoon mein tere liye yeh song :-

Mere ghar aaya tu as cool as Cokka cola ,
dekhte hi tujhey mera dil bola,
this is my knight in armour shining,
Jis ke liye sadiyo se I was pining,
Oh my sexy Lovaboy,
I wanna make you my play toy,

Karenge eksaath exercise everyday at the gym ,
Cut the carbs,ignore the rice and go for a swim,
Treadmill pein humdono chalengey saath saath,
Log bolenge Luvlean mein hain kuch khaas baat,
Lovaboy jaisa munda, jo pahley tha ek goonda,
Ban gaya Luvs ke pyar mein ekdum goonga

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