Friday, May 30, 2008

Nightmare comes true :(

Dear All,
We have observed users uploading huge files to web based email sites. (Gmail, Yahoo etc.) This not only consumes Internet bandwidth but is also a source of information leakage. The attachments coming from such mails are also a potential source of malware intrusion into our network.

In view of the above the Information Security Committee of the company has taken a decision to completely block access to all Internet based email sites. (Pls. note you will continue to receive & send mails to yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc. from your official email id)

Access to all Internet based email sites will be blocked on 5th June 2008.

Thanks & Regards
IT Services

Boohooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :((
How will I entertain myself in office from now on ?? ....methinks I need to move on to a new job soon in protest !!


Zahra said...

My heart bleeds for thee, O heartbroken Sri...

Let's hope they haven't figured out the most popular proxies yet!! Moi's been in this state for a year now...mebbe we should sue for human rights abuse!! ;)


Sritanu said...

@ zahra - Absolutely!! How can you survive w/o internet in office ?? Employee morale goes on an all time low bcos of such measures !!

Porcelain said...


im gonna be a banker in a month, n this certainly scares me! how does one get inspired without internet???

btw.. its strange, but most of the blogs iv come across r written by bankers or to be bankers :D

guess this is what ur job does to u!.. im awaiting my halal :)

check out my new entries..

Sritanu said...

@porcelain - good stuff !!

btw..don't worry abt the halal .. I have realised frustation with your work acts as a catalyst to creativity... so you will face no dearth of inspiration!