Monday, May 19, 2008

For the benefit of a select few who know what this is about !

In all matters legal she was the queen, be careful or she would sue
Enamored by her talents(in and out of office), our hero decided to woo
You are the idli, I am the dosa, our love a tangy sambaar
Oh my Mallu, let me be your pallu, shuru kartein hain aapna sansaar

In our courtship you can call me your lordship, yes you certainly can
I feel so regal, when you speak legal, I am your kinky Tam Bram
For you I'll listen to Hip Hop, I'll even sing songs in Hindi
I am ready to go dancing all night, oh my sweet bhindi

Do you see what I see.. I see eye see eye
Naino se naina mil gaya jab, why you feeling shy?
Come my baby lets play flash, we'll together swindle in glee
I am so glad from You and I, ban gaye hum log We

She now calls him honey, she calls him darling , she can't get him out of her head
He likes the attention he is getting but just goes on wishing for a sturdier bed,
She was like a cool breeze in summer,with her around you didnt need a fan
He was the crafty devil himself, wanted her to click pics of him in his Jockey Pocoman


Jigmo (the Venomous SnakE) said...

I wonder what this means ;)?

Zahra said...

aiyyayyooo...what ees the happenings here?? ;)And when did you become a pseudo-dosa?? Thought sondesh was more your style...
Methinks somebody's been using his banker stint quite purposefully...Awaiting the ceremonial 'throwing of light' Your Majesty ;-D!!

Sritanu said...

@zahra - me and pseudo-dosa ?? .. nopes !!! the poem certainly isnt biographical :P read carefully and you might understand who the 'hero' of this poem is :D

Sritanu said...

@jigmo - I wonder why the protagonist hasnt left a comment yet...he must be planning his revenge ! :D

Porcelain said...

pleasure reading ur blog! :)

Porcelain said...

pleasure reading ur blog! :)

Sritanu said...

@porcelain - Thanks !! :)

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

I know what this post means, even though Sritanu does not know, how I came to know so much, but I know all. :D

Best was the rhyming of the word "mallu" with "pallu". GR8.