Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It was a cold and dark night . The streets were empty except for the one or two dogs howling at each other . The chilly wind knocked at the closed windows and doors sounding like a policeman on his beat . A man stepped out of the door of the building next to which I was standing . sensing a possible prey I followed the man as he started walking towards the main road .
It was dreadfully cold and I saw the man tighten his jacket and shiver as he fumbled in his pocket for a match to light the cigarette he had just taken out . I saw my opportunity and in a flash I was beside him . I held out my lighter towards him . He was at first surprised but then he lighted his cigarette , thanked me and asked “haven’t I seen you somewhere ?” . I smiled . Ever since my picture had come out in the papers I was getting recognized all over town . I moved out of the shade so that he could see me better . The man’s face changed . The cigarette dropped from his hand and he screamed aloud in fright . I took a ;last look at him as he fell to the ground and fainted .
As I moved away I glanced at the place where my forehead was . I sighed . Ever since the mugger had blown my brains off , I wasn’t the same handsome man I used to be .

Written in the English Language period in School...Class XI)


Abhijit said...

So thats what u were up to in the fucked classes in school ... lolz :D

Sritanu said...

@Abhijit - Ya man...anyways never understodd what they where teaching in the first place !