Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Perfect Man

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away there lived the perfect girl, or at least that’s what she thought she was. And it was obvious that she wouldn’t settle for anything less than the perfect man wasn’t it? So she went on spurning suitors, who were numerous …it was natural I guess...Some were attracted by her looks, some by her wit, and some by the size of her father’s bank account. While her best friends got married and pregnant, though not necessarily in the same order, she waited patiently for her perfect man to come. And then she met him. Like in all good old love stories, she hated the sight of him at first. Then as she got to know him better she found out that he wasn’t a bad sort at all .In fact to her surprise she found that she quite liked spending time with him. As time went on she began to ask herself whether he was the man she was waiting for. She began to look out for any faults he might have …she had to be careful …she wouldn’t settle for anything less than a perfect man , and she was willing to wait for some more time if she had to. But her fears went unproved and after a few weeks she was sure that he was as perfect as a man could get. Now she was convinced that he was the perfect man she had been looking for all her life, she decided to broach the topic of love by casually asking him whether he wanted to remain single all his life. He smiled, looked straight into her eyes and replied “Well... I’m still looking for the perfect man”

(Written on 22/11/2002…Mumbai)


Zahra said...

Eeekkssss...... nasty!!! I can SO picture that grin on ur face when you wrote the last line!! ;-D
Is this a nice way of telling all of us perfect gals that a not-so-perfect-not-so-nice guy is available???

Sritanu said...

@zahra - I leave that to the perfect girls to figure out what they want :)