Wednesday, April 02, 2008

An ode to Chosnee - By Jhontu Das, B.Com (IInd division), Bardhaman

oh chosneeee my laaabhly lil brat
i hope u have killed that pesky rat
warna let me come carrying my gun
i bheel hunt it for you oh my sanaam

i bheel put my life in danger, tere liye
aaab to maan jaa ... kor mujhse biye
from bardhaman i will take a local train
I hope my efforts bheel not go in vain

Bhen you come wearing that red sari
Over you para-r chokras will start maramari
I bheel become tornado and save you fom them
Shotti bolcchi Chosnee... this is called Prem !

You call me "O Go shuncho", I will call you "Tumi"
When bheel you marry me, just sei din gulo guni
You are my shorshe... i will be your ilish maach
I will be your song... you will be my baliye naach

amar shundori Chosnee....I am making propose
I dont habh any money, warna bhejta ek lal rose
Kiney debo lal chiruni,fitey and lipisteek tokey
Please maan jaa chosnee... marriage ke liye say O.k !!

(with due apologies to non bongs... in all modesty, the effect is lost in translation :P )


Swati said...

bheri bheri good labh eestory ;)

Sritanu said...

@swati - Thenk you bheri much !! :D