Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Meeting

I woke up thinking about her . Again . The same thing had been happening daily for over the past one month now . Maybe it is natural , maybe it’s not , I don’t know . I guess everyone feels the same way I did, sometime or the other in their lives .
As I dressed, I looked at her picture stuck by the mirror . I smiled at it . I knew I would be meeting her today --Our first meeting . She herself hadn’t actually agreed to meet me or anything , but today I was determined to meet her . No more watching her from behind the bushes or waiting outside her apartment to catch a glimpse of her . She was going to her farmhouse today and I would meet her there .
I may be a total stranger to her , but she is not to me. God ! , to what lengths I have gone to know about her . For the past one month I had been running from place to place finding out what she liked , what she didn’t , where she liked to go , which was her favourite food , which perfume she likes wearing , who were her friends , who were not …Shit ..and God knows what not ! .
I left the house after some time and drove to her farm house , listening to “Love Story” as I went … It was her favourite track . On reaching my destination I was pleased to see that her car was parked by the house . Good ! This meant that she had already arrived . I parked my car next to hers .
I waited in the car till she came out of the house and proceeded towards her car . I got out of the car and stood in front of her . She seemed surprised to see me . I smiled at her , then I took out my gun and shot her through her eyes . As she fell to the ground in a pool of blood I spoke into my cell phone “The mark has been eliminated …. arrange for payments”

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