Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Heights of Desperation !

Pant taa khule haathey elo likhtey giye kobita
Bishon-i shaala demanding, aamar-ei hobby taa
Tobou cheshta chaliye jaachi only one thing bhebhey
Kono maagi impressed hoye lagatey aamai debey !

(Translated below just for the sake of translation ! )

The pants they come undone in the effort to write verse
It's really demanding this hobby of mine perverse
Still I carry on with the thought that my efforts will get paid
Some hot chick will get impressed and I will get laid !


Zahra said...

laabhly ishtyle of writing (but why am i not surprised?)
This verse has ur name written all over it :-D
Btw, 'Ode to Chosnee' will be my inspiration if I ever have to floor a guy with a poem!!

Cheers n do post more often!

Sritanu said...

@zahra - Thanks ! :)