Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Approach of Death

As Yukon III gained consciousness , he felt a searing pain in the abdominal region . He realized that the effect of the toxic gas was still lingering in the room .
Turning around he saw that his father had been crushed to death . Zeka VI was lying in front of him , most probably dead . Yukon III felt like crying . He couldn’t understand why the humans were so hell bent on their destruction . For generations the humans had been killing their tribe and most probably would continue doing so till either of them were completely wiped out .
Yukon III tried to move out of the room but couldn’t . The pain increased as he tried to move . Last month his mother had been killed , and now his father too was dead . “The humans are becoming more and more aggressive each day “ , he observed . Previously the attacks were few , once in a month or two , but now they were attacked nearly every week . Yukon III was feeling dizzy now . His sight was steadily diminishing , but he managed to observe that two humans had entered the room .
he tried to escape , but the humans were faster . Yukon III was crushed to death , like his father had bee , a short while ago . As life ebbed out of him Yukon III heard one of the humans say “ Bloody disgusting creatures ! … never liked on of ‘em roaches” .

(Written in class XI during the Math period in school ,13/XI/99)

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