Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unnamed -11th March,2007

He had harbored a crush on her as long as he could think. She was the embodiment of everything he wanted in a girl. To him she was perfect in every manner possible. She was a free spirit; her zest for life excited him and left him breathless at the same time. Once when he has gone out with some common friends, someone had remarked that her partner would have trouble keeping up with her limitless enthusiasm. He had secretly made a silent prayer that someday he would be the one who would be with her. He knew it was futile to tell her directly that he liked her. A girl like that deserved the best, and he knew too well that she wouldn’t even give him a second glance. He tried telling himself that he was just being plain silly to even think of the girl .It didn’t work. As much as he tried, he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about her in the middle of the night. After getting drunk it was she whom he thought of first. And he was sad that he could never be with her.

The spaceship moved towards the star slowly but steadily. The crew was experienced and frankly so used to the procedure by now that they could have carried out the landing blindfolded. AlphaXIX was the best ship the Mersinontuans had built and could be relied upon to function even in the face of a nuclear attack. The crew was selected from the best in the Sunova galaxy and had undergone rigorous training for nearly five years before they were cleared for the mission. Their task was simple. To land on the star and come back with enough Ewenfullium to power the galaxy for a million more years. After all the entire star was totally made of Ewenfullium , and even a few pounds of the substance was more than enough of what they needed. The difficult part was that no ship had ever been able to go near the star without being reduced to ash. The Mersinontuans had toiled for seven long years before they could come up with a plan as to how they should build a ship that could withstand landing on the star and coming back safely with the Ewenfullium. Building the ship and testing it in laboratory conditions had taken 15 more years. After all, the few fragments of Ewenfullium that broke out of the orbit of the star and could be obtained by the Mersinontuans were few and far between, and replicating the destructive force of the star in a laboratory was tough even for the advanced science of the Mersinontuans. Millions of years of studying the galaxy seemed so futile when they were faced with the scarcity of Ewenfullium. Nothing seemed to work. And that’s when the Mersinontuans managed to create Asqauredm and Esquarev

He was falling for her with each passing day. He kept hoping he would meet her even if for a brief period of time. The smile on her face warmed him up instantly. He had never felt more at peace with himself than when he was with her. He dreaded letting her know in any way. She was a good friend, and he didn’t want to lose that in any way. He hoped to secretly keep on loving her and fade away when she was gone. At times he humored himself with the thought that they were together. Then he would come to his senses and berate himself for his pipe dreams.

The Mersinontuans created Asqauredm and Esquarev out of particles of Ewenfullium after years of research. The tests in the laboratory impressed even the most cynical of the Mersinontuan scientists. They were the only things apart from AlphaXIX that seemed to resist the destructive force of the Ewenfullium. The entire galaxy held their breath when the crew got into AlphaXIX for the first time and were subject to the force of the Ewenfullium in the laboratory. When they came out unscathed, the Mersinontuans realized that hey had perhaps saved the galaxy from extinction. Their own sun had died thousands of years back, and it was only through Ewenfullium that they could hope to energise the life on the galaxy. And Asqauredm and Esquarev were the perfect tools to dig the surface of the star and come back with the vital mineral that would save Sunova from extinction.

He went out on a trip with a group of friends one day. He was tremendously busy, but the fact that she was coming along seemed to make everything else meaningless. He wanted to be with her, talk to her, walk with her, breathe the same air as she was breathing. He was so much in love with her. The twinkle in her eyes when she laughed at his jokes made his life worthwhile. He loved her.

The commander of AlphaXIX opened the hatch as they moved in position over the star. Asqauredm and Esquarev were gently placed in the cosmobasket and pushed out towards the star. As they slowly made their descent, the crew crossed their fingers and hoped that the mission would be successful. Everything seemed to be proceeding peacefully till the time the cosmobasket entered the atmosphere of the star. Suddenly there was a blinding flash and the entire star became blue. The force of the explosion immediately reduced AlphaXIX and its crew to ash.

He woke up to see she was laying next to him. He had never seen her looking more beautiful. The blue morning light made her look more angelic than ever. He bent over and kissed her gently on the lips. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. A2 dm looked straight into her eyes and said “Eve, I never had the guts to tell you before, but I love you” E2v put her head on his shoulder and replied “I love you too Adam”

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