Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Animal Farm Revisited.....

Said the Dog to the Bee one day , I don't know what to do
No matter how hard I try, I cant get my mind of the Shrew,
You know what happened to me Bee, I've told you all ,
Now just help me one more time, I've been driven up the wall

The Bee smiled and said , you know what Doggy Doo ?
I was just talking to the Worm,and he agrees too ,
We think that you are still naive, you are still the fool,
You refuse to accept the truth, that you are quite uncool !
I once asked a question to a Panther
But the silly beast just wouldn't anther !
He just sat there chewing on a bone
So I gave it up and just went home
Later at night when I spoke to my ghost,
I asked him if he thought he was a lamp post ?
He didnt reply just like the panther ,
So I've decided to give up this useless banter !

Monday, October 01, 2007

Spaced out !!

So I went to this pub the other day with a couple of friends, and saw that this company was doing some promotional activity there - They were offering a free trip to space ..which i thought was very stupid anyways because there are very few people rich enought to afford a trip to space (and if u want to know who can afford a trip to space ..well ...they can !) so it doesnt really matter if it's free or not ! Anyways.. this company had hired a bunch of men to dress up as astronauts - complete with outfit (made of what looked like white foam) and helmet.

The poor guys were roaming around looking like ETs in their hideous gear and distributing their pamphlets which probably said that you could be one of the lucky winners if you watched their channel (which for reasons best not explained I will not mention here..lets just say that my deviously dirty mind finds the name of the company too gay for words) , sms-d them fifty thousand times, and wrote mushy letters to the dumb bimbette anchor on their channel, proclaiming your undying looove for the channel and how ever since you started watching the channel your brain cells have been dying at a faster rate than usual!

Before I further deviate from the topic, why I am bothering to write all this down (apart from the reason that I am protesting against the establishment today and refuse to do any constructive work at office !) is that as I watched those men in their helmets and foam suits (and resisted the temptation of burning a hole in the suit with my lit cigarette) I wondered.. would I really want to go to space ??

I used to read Sci Fi like crazy at one point of time... I knew more about the geography of Trantor than any boring place on earth, I created imaginary worlds in my mind with seven moons, three suns , which would be under attack by the gigantic Holruminks from the planet Splinzunzun , and I would save the lives of my alien subjects with my planning and leadership skills. (which translated from MBA lingo means I would let others do the dirty work and serve as cannon fodder while I sat on my ass planning strategy) It is still my secret desire to see an UFO land it front of me and meet aliens, who would be so impressed by me that they would give me super powers in return, and I can then rule the world (and in case you are wondering, I will not resort to wearing my underwear over my pants), Asimov and Star Trek ruled my thoughts day in day out. And it would be so cool to piss in space and watch it crystallise and follow the space ship like little obedient diamonds sparkling away to glory!

But when it comes to the thought of actually going to space , (considering a perfect world where I have so much money I actually can afford to pay for a trip to space and not feel the pinch at all , I don't have to go to work so theres plenty of free time to go where I want, when I want (and stupid..if I had so much money, you think I would have to work ? ) would I want to go ?

It would be a fun one-time-thing to do ... but I don't know really if I'll want to go again and again...after all there are still so many problems on earth that I have to resolve. wouldn't be proper if I kept hopping off on my space adventures !

Sometimes conjuring up weird fantasies and day dreaming about things is so much more fun, don't you think ?? Reality is rather boring in my opinion. I got to go now ...just got an intergalactic relay delivered to my brain that this super hot Venusian Bombshell I met on my last trip to space is on her way to meet me. It's a busy job being an ambassador of Earth, but what has to be done has to be done. So excuse me for now !