Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Animal Farm Revisited.....

Said the Dog to the Bee one day , I don't know what to do
No matter how hard I try, I cant get my mind of the Shrew,
You know what happened to me Bee, I've told you all ,
Now just help me one more time, I've been driven up the wall

The Bee smiled and said , you know what Doggy Doo ?
I was just talking to the Worm,and he agrees too ,
We think that you are still naive, you are still the fool,
You refuse to accept the truth, that you are quite uncool !
I once asked a question to a Panther
But the silly beast just wouldn't anther !
He just sat there chewing on a bone
So I gave it up and just went home
Later at night when I spoke to my ghost,
I asked him if he thought he was a lamp post ?
He didnt reply just like the panther ,
So I've decided to give up this useless banter !


didactylos said...


cool. very cool. liked it. hidden depths! or something amiss with my eyes. keep writing dude.
met sunil recently and relived temple elephant. miss those days. sometimes with a passion.


Sritanu said...

thanks !!

i know what u r talking abt ...somehow even with all the obstacles faced (rehearsal figts... sunil breaking his arm... kaushik's accident, etc etc ) , we managed to pull off temple elephant brilliantly !! any idea if anyone has a video recording of it ??

Lamia said...

Well said.