Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Enigmatic ...

Squeezed some time out of the crazy schedule I am having over the last few weeks to create this game for Quo Vadis ...Named it Enigma... was too lazy to think of anything else !!
Hope the game hasnt become too easy ... could devote just about 1-2 hours over 10 days to make the game. Initial response since I launched it in the evening has been pretty good ... am simultaneously moderating the other blog I created for the game . The rules and how to play are all mentioned there ...
The pic on the left is my first level. The source code states ' I expect some courtesy out here Pardner' ... in the text box below you have to write 'thank you' in order to get to the next level :P ... ya ..I know it's kinda corny !!

Most of the questions in the game revolve around things I have been passionate about in some time of my life or even now ... was an interesting trip down memory lane as I was creating the questions and thinking of what to write in the source code !!

Quo Vadis is just round the corner ... am trying to manage too many things at one go ... have to start delegating things soon !! I knew it would be a tough thing to pull off when I stood for the IMF elections, but now I know how much you have to work your butt off if an entire event is your responsiblity !! It's been a great experience ...that much I can say. I don't mind working hard ... after all Quo Vadis is my baby :) ...and so far I think I have done a much better job with Quo Vadis than what any Cul Sec has managed in the previous years !!

I just hope my work interests me this much (when I have to start working that is) ... I know I will gladly put in everything I have got to do well then! Amen to that !! :)