Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The rat pack..

Met this friend from school recently. He is pursuing his MBA from a little known school in Kolkata, and will be joining a company soon.Someone asked him abt his CTC , and I instantly compared it to the minimum I can expect after graduating from IIFT.Seems I will be earning nearly double what he will be getting, and the fact somehow made me feel secure. Well...it seems I am a rat after all ... for all that rambling about MBA,money,patterns and what not, I too seem to be an active participant in the so called rat race. After a bit of soul searching I realised that however reluctant(or inept) I may be towards studies, before the final interview I will be slogging it out with the rest of the batch revising things,mugging up facts about the company,preparing typical HR-based questions...what job I will eventually get is not known at the moment, but I'll try at least so that I get the best job I can! Period!So does this mean I start thinking that if i don't get the best job my life is ruined ? ...do I worry about the fact that someone else might be getting a job which pays more than what I will get ?... certainly not. It just means that I will go prepared for the interviews, then leave it to destiny :) You can't mess around with lady luck too much ...that's what it means.

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