Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Of vada pavs and beef steak ...

I am suddenly struck by the urge to have a vada pav... it's ironical because back in Pune I used to particularly detest this food item at one point of time.A hot vada pav was still o.k, but the ones I used to consume as breakfast at times while rushing to college were cold,oily, and a sure way of ensuring acidity throughout the day.Having South Indian (read dosa,idli,upama)at Savera wasnt too appealing early in the morning...and I was too miserly to pay 10 bucks for two slices of butter toast!The blasted vada pav provided respite on the days when I felt like having breakfast(most days I used to skip) and especially when I was too late for class to stop at a decent joint and have a bite.Life as a hostelite teaches you weird things. Like having soggy semi-cooked Maggi prepared from tap water that has been boiled with the help of an immersion rod.We used to fill an entire bucket for the sake of one Maggi. Like lighting your cigarette from the exposed coils of a heater. Like having Brun with tomato pickle.My roomie(who was with me in Pune) still claims the Brun we used to have was stale bread baked a few days before, which made the crust so bloody tough.Don't know about that, but it was a very interesting buy at Re 1.50 per loaf. When we went to eat at the taapris(nearly all serving Chinese,or so they claimed) side dishes were rarely ordered,unless someone was treating ;) Having noodles with sauce was much more economical, especially when it's the end of the month and you have spent the money allocated for the month by living extravagantly in the first two weeks.We used to go crazy about Kebabs at Bismillah and the Steak burger at Burger King...beef rules boss!!And they were so affordable we could eat to our hearts contents. Late night haunts to the Anda Bhurji waala at the station kept us alive during the exams. Lucky's was another favourite place to go at 3 in the morning for bread pudding or chicken biriyani,whatever you might be craving for at the moment. Was a bit sad to hear that Luck's had been demolished sometime back to make way for some commercial complex.Posh restaurants were for the times when parents came visiting. Other times we lived the way we hostelites...and we loved every moment of it!


Miss April :P said...

very nostalgic..very nice.

but that's the second time in a week that you wrote "wierd" instead of weird. the copy editor in me couldn't resist :P
sorry kiddo!

christie said...

I remmeber luckys ..that sucks its been demolished..gosh I miss Kacchi dabeeli and Apache!