Friday, May 05, 2006

the divide...

The CCFC grounds make a great sight when I get up in the morning and look outside my window.Perhaps one of the very few places in Kolkata that won't fall prey to a contractor's
greed and the lush greens be replaced by the apartment blocks of a cement jungle. I noticed two kids playing tennis on the court early in the morning.Nothing unusual about that, except the fact that they were barefeet and dressed in clothes that have obviously been handed down to their elder siblings several years ago. I guessed they were the children of the CCFC maalis and waiters, who lived in the shack by the side of the grounds.The kids often act as ball boys when the members came to play later on in the day.Sometimes they give practise shots to the
members children,no bigger than them, but blessed with all the privileges that life has to offer.
I find it somewhat disconcerting seeing the great divide across the nets...the branded
milkywhite sneakers of the member's child contrasting with the red clay, and the kid on the
other side playing beautifully without shoes,a victim to a fate he has no control on.
I feel a little guilty thinking that I too learnt to play tennis at a club where a barefooted child acted as a ballboy. Had given no thought about it till today... anyways, better late than never.

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