Saturday, April 22, 2006


Most people doing an MBA (in my opinion) don't realise that in return for the obscene salary a company will give you , you will have to work that much harder to justify your stay on the pay-roll!And where do you get to spend the money(that remains the sole goal of most MBA students) after working for close to 14 -16 hrs a day and returning back home at late hours, too tired to do anything but have dinner and go to sleep! I have no right to preach. I am doing my MBA and after getting a job I will be in a corporate straitjacket very soon , but atleast I hope that some sanity remains in me not to chase money for the sake of chasing it! I once asked this friend why she got so perturbed about marks and studies and the usual mundane things of MBA life.After staring at me for several minutes she spluttered 'but i have to get a good job'. I
reminded her that there was no co-relation between marks and a job, most interviews are HR based, and if you have the qualities the company is looking for and some knowledge of whats being taught , you will clinch the job. Then i told her that a good job is assured once you pass out from a place like IIFT, so what's the point of slogging like crazy to get great marks and getting into a frenzy about who has scored more than you in what subject? Does it really matter whether you get a job that pays 10.6 lakhs or you get a job that pays 8.7 lakhs?It's the beginning of your career boss ...if you are good enough you will rise and earn loads of money,no matter what job you get! what is the definition of a 'good job'by the way ..simply one that pays a lot , or one that offers a profile which suits you ,or is it doing something that you really enjoy?

All this just reminds me of the song Patterns by Simon & Garfunkel. It goes :-

The night sets softlyWith the hush of falling leaves,
Casting shivering shadowsOn the houses through the trees,
And the light from a street lampPaints a pattern on my wall,
Like the pieces of a puzzleOr a child's uneven scrawl.

Up a narrow flight of stairs In a narrow little room,
As I lie upon my bed In the early evening gloom.
Impaled on my wall My eyes can dimly see
The pattern of my life And the puzzle that is me.

From the moment of my birth To the instant of my death,
There are patterns I must follow Just as I must breathe each breath.
Like a rat in a maze The path before me lies,
And the pattern never alters Until the rat dies.

And the pattern still remainsOn the wall where darkness fell,
And it's fitting that it should,For in darkness I must dwell.
Like the color of my skin,Or the day that I grow old,
My life is made of patternsThat can scarcely be controlled.

Anyways ... to each his own...I hardly study at all ,except a day before the exams(my grades do more than justice to this statement),am putting my luck on my belief that I will get a job which will pay something around the average salary my batch will get, maybe this tendency to gamble will put me in trouble, but who cares?..I belive I have the potential and I try my best to be as good a manager as possible.I had promised myself I won't turn into a rat inspite of being
in the rat race, and I will see to it that I don't turn into what many people say a MBA really means- 'Masters of Bull-shit and Arrogance' !!

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