Thursday, April 20, 2006

oh calcutta !

Everytime I get out of the HSBC office I just get the feeling that I have been transported back in time. This place(BBD Bag) is predominantly an office area, and most,if not all, of the buildings date back to atleast 100 years or more.The dates of establishment are inscribed in roman numerals MCMIX, MCMXII, etc. Most of these buildings bear a notice 'heritage building' The British colonial architecture is predominantly seen all around here , and it gives you a weird feeling to think that these buildings once played host to the British Bureaucrats and the Indian babus barely a hundred years ago!...these buildings have witnessed the freedom struggle right in front of them.

A stones throw away is the GPO,built in 1864 ,another architectural treat for the eyes. In the days of yore, the old fort of the British stood where the G.P.O. stands today. On the eastern staircase of the G.P.O., an inscription is visible even to this day. The lines in the adjacent steps and pavement, mark the position and extent of part of the South East bastion of old Fort William which is 95 feet from this wallIts high domed roof and tall Ionic-Corinthian pillars give the building an imposing appearance marking the boundaries of the former Fort William, destroyed during Shiraj-ud-Daulah's attack on the British Settlement in 1756. It is also alleged to be the site of the notorious Black Hole of Calcutta.
Nearby is Writers Building(the Secretariat) probably the only government building that was named by the British after the clerks who used to work for them(hence 'writer's building') The present building was built around 1780...whew ...thats a long, long time ago !!

Enough history lessons for now

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