Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I think I first heard of Oly when I was in school ... A batchmate who discovered the pleasures of alcohol while still at school reportedly met our English teacher Mr. Crouch at Oly and wished him'good evening sir!' while ordering his rum !!
It was during my holidays to Cal that I first went to Oly...and it has been a memorable experience ever since!The occassions were few and far between, and it usually meant meeting up with old friends, telling the same stories about school and college over and over again, yet laughing our guts out each time the stories were mentioned, getting updates about each other and gossip on the more interesting specimens of the batch,while tucking into beaf steak and beer.
The dingy atmosphere,the bare,rickety sofas,the prehistoric waiters who seem to get drunk themselves with each passing hour,the middle aged men discussing Tagore or Kurosawa or communism in raised voices after a few pegs,the faded walls badly in need of a coat of paint,the huge floor fans covered with cob-webs ...everything just adds to the charm of Oly. More than the very affordable alcohol, I guess its the good times you have with friends at Oly that makes it so memorable for most people who have visited Oly.And it's these moments that make you so nostalgic when you think about Oly sitting in a different state(no puns intended)or country,and wish you were back there for some more time !!

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