Saturday, April 22, 2006

And so it begins...

I miss writing I guess ... it's not that I am so busy that I can't write, it's not that I claim I write really well and it's not that I have written a lot , but the stuff I used to write gave me satisfaction, to say the least. I have lost some of my favourite stories thanks to a computer virus which mercilessly destroyed the hard drive.I was away in IMA then chasing a dream which turned so sour when this happened.Had I been home I would have saved my stuff before some
idiot of a computer mechanic formatted the C drive! It was in school that I discovered that writing short stories was much more fun than doing mathematics.While my marks went lower and lower , the pages of my exercise book filled up with doodlings,cartoons,nonsense verse and stories.In college I discovered Simon & Garfunkel, and writing down their lyrics in every class was obviously more fun than listening to a gargoyle telling something about the cilia lining the oral sac of a Paramecium!During the IMA days I really had no time to be creative.The only consolation was remembering Catch-22 and thinking yourself to be an Yossarian of sorts.There was this incident when we were standing in attention during a fall in and the Battalion Under officer, a Surd, walked by us whistling Colonel Bogies March.Immediately the line popped in my head 'Killer Khalsa whistled Col. Boogies march as we stood in attention'.The situation was quite surreal, but then, so was the entire IMA experience.I still doodle,I still draw cartoons in class , I have taken up composing inane songs after getting drunk and singing them in public. I hardly write anymore.The ideas coming to my head just die a lonely death or are filed away in a secret corner of my mind for future action. I just hope I can write again someday. Maybe I will...maybe this blogging thingie is a start...maybe this will take away the dreaded block which comes whener I try to write nowadays ...maybe..

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viveksheel said...

We share the same urge to write to satisfy our souls. This gives me at least the opputunity to be myself.